Integrated Services for Emergency Vehicles

Emergencies can strike anyone at anytime

It is so important for emergency vehicles to reach the scene as early as possible. Emergency vehicles need to be seen and heard for other vehicles/people to make way for them. Whether it is an ambulance, fire truck or police car, their high speeds on their way to hazardous situations cannot be deterred because it can be a case of life and death. They need adequate equipment to ensure they can gain access to areas that normal vehicles wouldn’t be allowed to. This is why the right emergency vehicle equipment is so important. These vehicles need to be fitted with the correct visual warning signs and signage to warn other road users and the public in general that they are rushing to get to another destination.


Our business is based on partnership. When our customers succeed , we are satisfied.

We are interested in everything that we can offer our customers, not just a single high-quality specialty vehicle. This also creates the conditions for the success and development of our operations.

Long-term and trusting relationships are the foundation of our values. We want to provide our customers with added value for every single special emergency vehicle design and manufacturing process. It is vitally important for us in the light of fierce international competition. We see the customer relationship as a continuum and wish to ensure lasting customer relationships from generation to generation through our spirit of humility and innovative operating culture.

Integrated services will bring confidence and perseverance. The special vehicle is a tool, which does not bring enough added value to the client in itself. Cost-effective services ensure that the most can be taken out of the products we provide. Maintenance and repair services are necessary for vehicles in heavy use. User training and guidance on maintenance are essential when it comes to vehicle cycle costs and the benefits. Our goal is to be the best provider of services.

The life cycle of the vehicle supplied by us consists of the whole of its life, in all different stages. The vehicle life cycle begins by purchases of raw materials and ends with the treatment of waste. We strive to provide product design, material selection, production and recycling using a modern, environmentally friendly approach.

UGEI’s philosophy is to offer customers solutions for profitable business. It also creates the preconditions for UGEI´s success.

The need for bodywork maintenance of the special vehicle we deliver during its life cycle varies depending on operating conditions and purpose.

A comprehensive service network, a wide range of services, and a spare parts store are tuned to react quickly to the challenges faced by our clients. The current focus is more on effective predictive maintenance activities. Thus the vehicles we provide serve without interruption, and most importantly, are safe for users and customers year after year