Pumping heavy slurry can be difficult, but what about pumping heavy and acid slurry at once? In the industry and mining fields, this combination can lead to many problems.  To resist extreme environments the equipment needs to be tough and, most of all, perfectly built. ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-13
    Since 2015 DRAGFLOW and Ebara Pumps Europe have started a successful partnership based on the sharing of common values, both companies are fully committed to customer needs and have collaborated to achieve the highest standard for their products. DRAGFLOW has chosen this Partnership with Ebara Pumps Europe for its key role in the pump industry for slurry in ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-07
    Sometimes it is necessary to transport the materials that are dredged at a long distance. In this case, the booster stations represent an extremely useful tool to maintain an excellent production even in difficult conditions. Boosters are designed and built with high efficient Dragflow pumps and are projected to add ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-01
  • Our upcoming events
    Last week we told you about our participation in Oil Epoch, an important conference on the offshore sector. Many others, however, are the events to which we will take part in the coming months! Ready to leave with us? In February, together with the Italian Trade Agency we are going ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-01-25
  • 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack
    Allpacks expands their rental fleet with a 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack. Allpacks expands their rental fleet with a 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack . The 24AM is a powerful variabel moment vibratory hammer immediately available for rental. Please contact us ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-18
  • Dragflow takes part in EPOCH 2018
    Dragflow will take part in EPOCH 2018, the big thematic Offshore convention to be held in Rome on 5 and 6 March. In particular, the company has chosen to sponsor the submarine engineering session. Dragflow will participate in the conference with a specific intervention where it will describe the applications ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-01-18
  • Infra Relatie Dagen 2018
    Infra Relatie Dagen 2018 Allpacks will be joining the Infra Relatie Dagen 2018 Hardenberg, The Netherlands. This is a regional exhibtion for infrastructural and construction equipment. Please join us booth 727 The post Infra Relatie Dagen ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-02
  • Philconstruct
    Philconstruct Allpacks will be joining together with our partner Fondaquip the Philconstruct construction exhibition in Manila, The Philipines. Please join us! The post Philconstruct appeared first on Allpacks International. ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-02
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
      ... read more
    Source: profilevehiclesPublished on 2017-12-21
  • Allpacks E12FM excavator mounted vibro
    Another batch of E12FM excavator mounted vibratory hammers on the way to the USA. The customer is very satisfied with the performance of this vibro and ordered som extra units which are on the way to the USA. The post ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2017-11-29
  • Dragflow at Europort and Ecomondo
    Dragflow will participate in two major fairs from 7 to 10 november: Europort (Rotterdam) and Ecomondo (Rimini). Europort, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam, is the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. With almost 30,000 professional visitors and 1,100 exhibiting companies Europort belongs to ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2017-11-02
  • Start up and commissioning of new Allpacks 32FM vibratoryhammer & 400VH powerpack
    We succesfully commisioned an new set of 32FM vibratory hammer & 400VH powerpack in the Philippines. Thanks to the support of our dealer Fondaquip Ltd we managed to introduce this powerful set into one of the major piling companies in the Philippines. They are very happy with ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2017-10-27
  • If you’re going big, we are going big too: our new hydraulic pumps 400-600HC and 600HH
    When it comes to research and development, we are never resting. In the last 6 months Dragflow has developed the new hydraulic pumps to meet the requirements of our clients.   These are the main features of our hydraulic dredge pumps: all pumps have a standard high efficiency agitator to ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2017-10-26
  • Europort Offshore
    Allpacks will be joining the Europort Offshore and Maritime exhibition to showcase our latest piling equipment. Please visit us hall nr 4, stand nr 4203 The post Europort Offshore appeared first on Allpacks International. ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2017-10-09
  • Italian technology for coast protection: Dragflow at the AIOM event
    Coastal erosion phenomena are a constant in many sandy areas of the coasts. If extreme weather events aggravates the problem, it’s a fact that, in recent years, beaches protection has not been kept in due attention. Yet in Italy there are technologies that would allow, at low costs, to protect ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2017-10-06
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