• EL300: our big electric pumps ready to sail to Australia
    EL300 are hard working pumps and since their launch have been appreciated especially in the mining market for tailing management projects and in the sand and gravel industry. DRAGFLOW continues to pay close attention to developing products that match the most difficult jobs. As reliable solution providers, we try to ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-06-04
  • DRAGFLOW at IFAT Munich
    From May 14 Dragflow will be present at IFAT, the industry event for environmental technologies taking place in Munich. During the fair you can find us at Hall B1 353/452 at the booth of our distributor Heide Pumpen. At the stand you will see a HY85 with side cutters, ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-05-10
  • DRAGFLOW monitoring system: the eyes of your dredging system
    DRAGFLOW has developed a new monitoring system that allows the operation of the dredging system to be controlled in real time. Already experimented with several customers, this tool has several advantages. First of all, important data such as roll, pitch, flow rate, density and depth of the pump can be ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-04-06
  • Do you have to face hard work? We have the solution that’s right for you.
    DRAGFLOW has supplied an Indian customer with a pump equipped with a special cutter head, able to break down particularly resistant material. The hard metal drills mounted on the hydraulic pump 85/160 allowed to perform excavation work within a city context where it was essential to be able to use ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-03-14
  • Dragflow at MCE Milan
    The next appointment with Dragflow is at MCE Milan Hall 9 - Stand R01 S02. MCE is the world’s largest trade fair for civil and industrial installation, air conditioning anche renewable energy and, well, where an international appointment is set, there is Dragflow, you can bet! We will be present ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-03-13
  • Dragflow moderate the debate at OIL EPOCH
    Last January we announced our presence at OIL EPOCH 2018 as sponsor of the Subsea Engineering Session. Today we’re proud to say that Dragflow will have a key role at the conference! Our Alfredo Ranaldi will be the chair of the Session 8. During the debate two representatives of important ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-28
    Pumping heavy slurry can be difficult, but what about pumping heavy and acid slurry at once? In the industry and mining fields, this combination can lead to many problems.  To resist extreme environments the equipment needs to be tough and, most of all, perfectly built. ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-13
    Since 2015 DRAGFLOW and Ebara Pumps Europe have started a successful partnership based on the sharing of common values, both companies are fully committed to customer needs and have collaborated to achieve the highest standard for their products. DRAGFLOW has chosen this Partnership with Ebara Pumps Europe for its key role in the pump industry for slurry in ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-07
    Sometimes it is necessary to transport the materials that are dredged at a long distance. In this case, the booster stations represent an extremely useful tool to maintain an excellent production even in difficult conditions. Boosters are designed and built with high efficient Dragflow pumps and are projected to add ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-02-01
  • Our upcoming events
    Last week we told you about our participation in Oil Epoch, an important conference on the offshore sector. Many others, however, are the events to which we will take part in the coming months! Ready to leave with us? In February, together with the Italian Trade Agency we are going ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-01-25
  • 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack
    Allpacks expands their rental fleet with a 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack. Allpacks expands their rental fleet with a 24AM vibratory hammer and 600VH powerpack . The 24AM is a powerful variabel moment vibratory hammer immediately available for rental. Please contact us ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-18
  • Dragflow takes part in EPOCH 2018
    Dragflow will take part in EPOCH 2018, the big thematic Offshore convention to be held in Rome on 5 and 6 March. In particular, the company has chosen to sponsor the submarine engineering session. Dragflow will participate in the conference with a specific intervention where it will describe the applications ... read more
    Source: DragflowPublished on 2018-01-18
  • Infra Relatie Dagen 2018
    Infra Relatie Dagen 2018 Allpacks will be joining the Infra Relatie Dagen 2018 Hardenberg, The Netherlands. This is a regional exhibtion for infrastructural and construction equipment. Please join us booth 727 The post Infra Relatie Dagen ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-02
  • Philconstruct
    Philconstruct Allpacks will be joining together with our partner Fondaquip the Philconstruct construction exhibition in Manila, The Philipines. Please join us! The post Philconstruct appeared first on Allpacks International. ... read more
    Source: allpacksPublished on 2018-01-02
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
      ... read more
    Source: profilevehiclesPublished on 2017-12-21
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