Dredging Solutions

Dredging is one of UGEI’s core activities. Our ambitions and expertise in the fields of dredging and marine engineering have put us at the forefront of this competitive field. Through continually shifting the boundaries of technology we have carved successful partnerships with international experts on solving environmental problems out in the field.

Our solid track record in diverse dredging projects has made UGEI the go-to solution provider in the Middle East for the projects that others find too challenging.

Support the efficient Operation of all kind of dredges is our specialty and it is backed up by an extensive array of ancillary equipment that includes workboats, booster pumps, work barges and pipelines. We have the capacity and engineering expertise to handle complex dredging projects throughout the region.

We always partner and recommend state-of- the-art infield technology providers for our partners, who can provide customized solution to enable our customers to reach the full control of production, quality and environment, thus ensuring any problems can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Our partnership with independent international dredging contractors enables us to provide clients with the necessary spectrum of dredging equipment and capabilities to tackle dredging projects of any size.

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